Editor / Intimacy & Awareness COORDINATOR / Workshop Facilitator


Film Editor

In over 8 years of professional editing and a diploma from the Filmakademie BW, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in film editing.


Intimacy & Awareness Coordinator

For a couple of years now, the term Intimacy Coordinator got more known in film often meaning the help to realize sexual scenes, next to this I offer my services as an external awareness coordinator that can be approached at any time to talk about a rising issue or crossed boundaries.

Workshop Facilitator

My training in bodywork and my engagement in several non-profit organizations and projects made me develop skills in holding space and group facilitation. Since 2018 I teach at numerous festivals and organise workshops for people of any age and gender.

About the Workshops



I am Janina Vivianne (she/her) , a cross-over film maker and somatic educator. I want to bring more awareness for consent, boundaries, and power balances into the film and theater world.

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