Janina Vivianne is a editor and event organizer and educator. 

Based in Europe, her mission is to spread awareness on Safer Spaces, Body-positivity, and Accountability. Janina holds workshops on connection, intimaxy self-love & body and s-positivity. She is the mastermind behind The Parallel Universe – An Adult Playground Festival – and the Festival of Sensations. She is part of the Orgateam of the The Intimate Revolution festial.

Her vision is to create SafeR spaces where people of all genders, identities, and backgrounds can explore different forms of connections fitting to their wishes and boundaries.




Highlights of my Documentaries

The link to the full length movies can be send on request. 

Teached at:

Müncher Kammerspiele, Xplore Berlin, The Intimate Revolution, Blaue Blume Festival, Sexolution Conference, The Parallel Universe, Hedoné, New Healing, Hedonistic World Congress, Pffv, Garbiz Festival, Nowhere, Kiez Burn, IKSK, Sexibility at Änsbacka Sweden.