Sexological Bodywork Sessions

Are you seeking a deeper, more fulfilling connection with your body and your sexuality?

Sexological Bodywork can help you explore your sexuality and find greater satisfaction and confidence in your sexual self.

Sexological Bodywork is a holistic approach to sexual healing and education that combines breathwork, touch, and mindful awareness techniques.

Through one-on-one sessions, you can learn to release tension, overcome negative patterns and beliefs, and connect with your authentic sexual desires and preferences.

At Janina’s Sexological Bodywork Sessions, we provide a safeR, supportive environment for you to explore your sexuality and discover new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

I am working with individuals of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds, and we prioritize respect, consent, and confidentiality in every session.

Whether you want to reflect on an issue, or simply explore new aspects of your sexuality, Sexological Bodywork can support you.

Contact me via email to schedule a session and start your journey towards greater sexual fulfillment and empowerment.

Janina Vivianne

or write a message to 0043681 20672556