Workshops & Talks

Possible Topics for Talks: Sex-positivity, Sexuality, Selflove, Safer Sex, Consent, Safer Spaces, Awareness, Accountability, Sex-work, Non-monogamy & Intimacy.

Playfull Consent 

This playful consent workshop is a fun way to experiment and explore desires, set boundaries, play with the qualities of touch, and find ways how to communicate non verbally with elements of the wheel of consent. 

Here the open source Workshop Script and outline.  

Material cost & Space requirements: none  Time: 2 hours 

The Intimacy Workshop

Let’s tap into an authentic connection. Let’s meet each other, without judgment, and simply see and be seen. Let’s turn down the volume of our rational mind and enter a world of emotion and sensuality. For when we truly see each other, a new door opens to more authentic encounters and fulfilling connections. 

Material cost & Space requirements: Blindfolds, feathers, Soft floor or Yoga mats or mattresses Time: 2 hours 

Sensation Play

A guided workshop where we get to play with a variety of different materials, structures and focus on the bodily sensation. We will slowly explore how we can connect with ourselves as well as others, and how the tools we use can influence our interactions. 

Material cost & Space requirements: Blindfolds, feathers, warm room, a lot of probs that I bring – cost: 40-70 euro depending on the number of workshop participants and probs.

 Time: 2 – 3 hours  

The Fruits of Passion a Safer Sex Workshop

Be Sex-aware! Everything you need to know about the STARS talk, Safer sex  & STIs ! A Safer Sex Workshop where we will explore the ways how to make safer sex sexy and share tools how to communicate more empowered about your wishes & desires.  I will try to inform, advise, and educate about sexual health in a playful way, show safer sex tools on fruits like Dental dams, condoms Flavours, the Femidom, gloves, & different Lubes. 1 hour + 30 Q&A

Embodied Self Love 

What better way to start the day with some embodied self-love? In this workshop, we’ll create a facilitated space that brings us into our body in a conscious way, to then develop into a personal self-focused practice yet shared experience of self-pleasure. We’ll break down and expand the concept of what self-love can be – be it soft sensual caressing or vigorous masturbation 😉 Optional – you can choose fruit and connect with it with all your senses: Smelling, Touching, Seeing, Tasting, Hearing the sound it makes when you play with it.

Material cost & Space requirements: Safer Sex kit, Soft floor or Yoga mats or mattresses, warm room  Time:  1 hour 

Sensual fruit orgy

Frozen and fresh fruits, something cover the floor, and playfull human beeings. Let’s explore there fruits with all our senses and then if wanted connect and play with others.

Space requirements: warm room, frozen and fresh fruits, a tarp to cover the floor, bowls and cleaning tools. 

Time: 2 hours

Let’s be Sex-positive! Workshop

What do I understand by sex-positive, how can it change our lifes? This workshop will be a talk and somatic exercises where people get the chance to meet others and get to know them a bit more intimately, at whatever level feels comfortable for you. ( Optional solo experiences possible )

We will explore the 4 main values that are at heart of the sex-positive movement:


🎗️Safer Sex & Sexual health

💞Diversity & Inclusion

🚀Being open towards all consensual expressions of sexuality